Dr. Hosahalli Lakkanna Vijaya Kumar is a distinguished academician, scholar and researcher of international repute. He has more than 32 years of experience in the field of education, research and development. He has been associated with the textile industry since the past three decades and is also an administrator par excellence, successfully running the Army Institute of Fashion & Design since ten years and helming the Department of Textiles at Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology for nearly two decades.

He completed his Bachelors of Technology in the field of Textile Technology from Bangalore University in 1980 and went back to do his Masters in the same field at Anna University in 1988 after working in the industry for three years. He was awarded his Ph.D from Anna University in 2002 for his thesis, ‘Spirality and Low Stress Mechanical properties of Weft-Knitted fabrics knitted from different types of silk and modified ring and rotor spun yarn’.

Dr Vijaya Kumar has authored three comprehensive books on Weft Knitting, Fashion Design & Garment Technology and CADCAM in Textiles. He has also co-authored a book, Differentiating Khadi from other textiles. Besides this he has written several scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals like Indian Journal of Fiber and Textile Research, SJCE Management Review, Textile Review Journal and Textile Asia. Some of his more important research Projects and contributions include Design and Development of Silk Hank Dyeing Machine, Design and Development of Silk Fabric Handle equipment, Design and Development of Cheese Dyeing Machine for Silk Industries and Optimization of Knitting parameters of silk knitted fabrics.

He has been a member of Advisory committees of several universities and industries. In addition to attending and presenting papers at seminars and conferences he has also successfully organized the same both on the National and International level. He has guided students for their Ph.D thesis for both textile Science and Textile Management schemes. He has won several awards including the ISTE Award for best research work done in the field of Science and Technology, and Best Teacher award. He was presented with the title of Hon. Fellow of Textile Association in the 13th International Conference of the Textile Association of India.

He is the member of several academic bodies and scientific societies. He has worked on several prestigious projects with the Industry and Government bodies like Central Silk Board and Swiss agency for development and co-operations. He has successfully undertaken many research and development projects from National and international funding agencies with the resulting findings and developed technologies being implemented by the industry.

Dr Vijaya Kumar has been instrumental in developing and running institutes and course curriculum both for textile engineering and fashion designing. He is an able administrator, scholar- researcher and academician.


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Ph.D Thesis supervised

• Study of Knitted fabric anisotropy fabrics: PhD awarded by VTU , Belgaum during 2009

• Yarn bending v/s fabric bending and bagginess of plain woven fabric: Ph.D awarded by 10th March 2015 by VTU, Belgaum

• Designing new compound fabric structures and developing their weaving techniques : thesis is submitted : Gandhi gram university, Dindugal, TN

• Supply chain management in the Indian apparel export industry – an empirical analysis of apparel units in south Indian textile clusters” comprehensive viva – voce completed and submitted to VTU, Belgaum

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